Verslag over jongerenbijeenkomst 2022

On November 26, 2022, approximately 90 young people gathered at the Governor’s office in Brikama, on the west coast, to meet fellow youths, network, and collaborate, thanks to Mr. Nic van der Riet and his partners.

The session, which was attended by guests and sponsored young people in the fields of education, skill training, and entrepreneurship, initially focused on youth empowerment and was facilitated by Salieu Jammeh, Samsideen Jeng, and other beneficiaries for effective logistical arrangements.

Mr. Nic van der Riet welcomed all attendees and expressed his gratitude for their presence at the event. He sincerely shared his thoughts, encouragement, and motivation with the youth. He further advised them to exchange ideas, continue working hard, and open doors for collaboration and networking for a better future.

Beneficiaries took turns coming on stage to express their happiness, satisfaction, and gratitude to Mr. Nic and his partners. Each of the young beneficiaries shared their status (student, skill trainee, entrepreneur), achievements, challenges, and the way forward. They received a series of questions from the audience and were encouraged to make plans for a better future.

The second phase of the session focused on climate change, which was beautifully introduced with a poem about climate change by Salimatou Janneh and a highly informative drama about climate change. The comedic entertainment was followed by presentations on climate change by Dr. Mamma Sawaneh, a senior lecturer at the University of Gambia, and Kemo Fatty, founder and director of Green-Up Gambia.

Against the backdrop of severe flooding during previous rainy seasons, we can assert that Gambia is still negatively affected by climate change. Dr. Sawaneh guided the audience through the topic: Understanding climate change and its consequences in Gambia. He deliberated extensively on the origin of climate change, provided evidence of its causes, those vulnerable to climate change, and what can be done to address or mitigate it. He also answered questions from the audience.

Similarly, Mr. Kemo Fatty emphasized the dangers of climate change, citing explicit details on how it affects Gambia in particular and all other countries in general. He further shared how he is locally and globally involved in reducing the hazards through massive sensitization and planting more trees to preserve nature. He concluded by reciting the Banjul Declaration together with the audience and solemnly pledging to preserve fauna and flora.

Finally, Mr. Nic thanked Salieu Jammeh and Samsideen Jeng once again for attending the gathering and wished everyone success.

The next meeting is expected to take place in November 2023. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

Ebrima I. Jaiteh
De Engelse taal
University of Gambia

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