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Our team

Our organization is composed of a team of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. We work together to promote sustainable development in Gambia and Sierra Leone by implementing innovative and effective initiatives that have a positive impact on our society and environment.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization. If you share our passion for sustainable development and want to contribute to our initiatives, please feel free to contact us or donate. Together, we can create a better future for everyone in Gambia and Sierra Leone!

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Soto Jobe

Soto Jobe

My name is Soto Jobe a born citizen of the Gambia with a sound health and mind of 36 years.

In 2018 I decided to go to Gambia College School of agriculture to study Certificate in General Agriculture (CGA) which was a period of 2 years. In 2020, I then decided to further again at same school gambia College to study higher diploma in agriculture which I completed too as well. During my studies at the Gambia College, I became a president of the Students Association (SASA) of the School of Agriculture Gambia College and I am currently the general Manager of OUR FARM a garden which was founded by a Dutch Man called Nic Van Der Riet.

Nic was the one who sponsored my education at the Gambia college School of Agriculture for my entire 4 years of studies.

I am a graduate of higher diploma at the Gambia college School of Agriculture and I have gained considerable about of experience in the area both theory and practical.

Salieu Jammeh

My name is Salieu Jammeh, I am a young Gambian who study traveling and tourism of The Gambia.
And tour across the country and beyond by bicycle. Our farm is a sustainable development farm and for each and everyone one to become independent by empowering. Our goals and objectives are mainly to end irregular migration and that young Gambians are not taking the BACK WAY to Europe. And that for sure we can achieve our goals and objectives and succeed in The Gambia by walk the talk. Because fail to plan is plan to fail, so our farm is all about take action and you will succeed.

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Salieu Jammeh

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Samsideen Jeng

Samsideen Jeng

Greetings and I am Samsideen Jeng, a native of Sifoe Village, Kombo South District. I am a teacher by profession and also a social worker in development initiatives alongside a student of Diplomacy and International Relations.  Currently, I am blessed with humble wife and a admirable Daughter Mariama. As a young man , I am an enthusiastic and determined Youth with regards to voluntary social works, entrepreneurship and good cooperation between Youths to ensuring an even development for the country. While on the move, we met Nic Van Der Riet, who've been a great source of motivation  and support towards  empowering some Gambian Youths to becoming independent in their future through acquiring education, skills, busineses and agricultural practices amongst others as the likes of "Ourfarm" being a vibrant center for Youth empowerment initiated in 2018. Furthermore, with the Gambia Yiriwakafo(Gambia Development Association) , we are aspiring to continue registering greater sustainable success stories within the Gambia  in development initiatives for the Youths of our Dear Nation and humanity at large alongside playing our quarter in mitigating the effects of the Global Climate Challenges In conclusion, we thank You very much for visiting Gambia Yiriwakafo website and reading through whilst looking forward to broader cooperations towards Empowering the Youths for the better because here, we believe its Together We Can for the Better. Thus, Welcome..

Ismaila Camara

I am Ismaila Camara, an exemplary youth leader. I have received training as a Qualified Teacher, a computer hardware technician, and I am also deeply passionate about farming. I have actively engaged in various youth trainings and currently hold the esteemed position of youth chairman at the Federation of Somita Youths.

Currently, I am personally overseeing the management of a 4-hectare farm located in Kafuta, operating under the business name SomiFarms. In total, SomiFarms owns 5 hectares of land spread across Somita and Kafuta.

The main objective of SomiFarms - Kafuta is twofold: to generate profit and to make a positive impact on our community. One of our primary goals is to utilize a portion of our profits to sponsor children from less privileged families, enabling them to pursue education. Additionally, we aim to achieve food self-sufficiency, promote self-employment, and create job opportunities for fellow young individuals. Currently, our garden employs three individuals, and we have plans to expand our workforce in the near future.

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Ismaila Camara

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Mariatou Jarju
+220 3468388

Mariatou Jarju

My name is Mariatou jarju, I am 25years old. I live in the Gambia in a village called kubuneh. I would to impress my sincere gratitude for the foundation progress Gambia that sponsored me to further my education to the tertiary level at the Management Development Institute (MDI) where I am studying Human Resource Management (HRM) for 2years,I appreciate the acknowledge of your effort. Thank very much for being with me during my tough time, your sponsor is a great encouragement to me, I am highly please to consider that you came all the way from abroad to sponsor my education. That will enable me to focus more on my studies without financial hesitation and I will work so very hard on my education to be successful.
The role of the youths in a nation building is more important than you might think. Youths should contribute to the nation by doing useful things in different sectors like Education, Health, Technology, Politics, etc. We all know that youths is facing too many problems nowadays. We need to give them equal opportunity in every field, so they can succeed well. They should first get a good education that they can apply new method for the progress of the nation. The youths are very energetic. They have the ability to learn and adopt to the environment. Our youths can bring social reforms and improvement in the society. It is a reality that the progress of a country is in the hands of it's youths. The youth of a country determine the future of a nation.
So therefore I will like to thank the foundation progress Gambia for playing a vital role in the development of the Gambian youths, thank you so much once again.

Mariama Camara Mariet ITTOG

My name is Mariama Camara, a student from the Ittog Institution of Travel and Tourism in The Gambia 🇬🇲. I graduated having studied travel and tourism, and my dream is to become a tourist guide in the future. I thank God because during my educational journey, I learned that nothing is easy unless you work hard for it. I've achieved what I wanted and for that, I'm so grateful. My advice to my fellow girls is to make the best use of our lives by acquiring better education and skills. This will benefit us tomorrow, so let's work hard for our brighter future 💪.


Mariama Camara Mariet ITTOG
+220 739 6066

Modou Lamin Sultan Jammeh

I am Modou Lamin Jammeh, also known as Sultan, a highly acclaimed journalist and media consultant. I have garnered several awards and have become one of the most renowned journalists in The Gambia.

I pursued a degree in Mass Communication and Investigative Journalism at Stratford College. To further enhance my skills, I also completed short courses in various countries in Europe, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom, Morocco, and others.

With over a decade of experience in the field of journalism and communication, I have served in various esteemed institutions within and beyond my country. Some of these include Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS), GM24 TV, Daily Observer Newspaper, B-FM, Brikama Community FM, GLife Magazine, and HFI International, among others.

As the CEO and co-founder of Master-Sultan Consulting, I actively engage in providing media consultancy services. Currently, I am associated with Eye Africa TV, where I serve as the host of "IFANG BONDI," which is recognized as The Gambia's most authoritative and prominent confrontational interview platform.

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Modou Lamin Sultan Jammeh

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Kalipha Jammeh
+316 34240336

Kalipha Jammeh

I am Kalipha Jammeh, the founder of Burong Wolal Ltd. I studied International development management with a specialisation in Disaster risk management at Van Hall Larenstein, University of applied sciences. I am an advocate for the development of Africa through local initiative, and I brought the idea of starting a commercial rice farm in the Gambia after my internship working with smallholder rice farmers. I saw the opportunity to transform the local economy through agriculture by creating jobs and more importantly contributing to the food and nutrition security of the people through local rice production.

My ultimate aim is to boost local rice production and reduce or ultimately eliminate the country's reliance on food imports. Due to my passion, I quit my job as a cost engineer and returned to my native country after 11 years of living in the Netherlands to build the business and contribute to the development of the Gambia.

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Piet Sleeking

Hello, my name is Pieter Sleeking. I am a resident of Dordrecht in the Netherlands. I worked in education for over 35 years and was a member of the city council for 16 years. After that I became a full-time politician and was an alderman and deputy mayor for almost 12 years. Now I am retired and spend part of my time at the Gambia & Sierra Leone Foundation that I recently founded together with Nic and David. Many young people need some support to achieve their goals for a better future in their country. Gambia and Sierra Leone are two countries with a lot of poverty and unemployment. So there is plenty to do and I would like to commit myself to that.

Nic van der Riet

I’m a retired teacher from the Netherlands. Since 2014 I became enthousiastic about the possibilities around emancipating youth in the Gambia.
I started to support young Gambians with education and entrepreneurship. Agricultural entrepeneurship is a very good way to develop themselves and the country. I strive to empower young Gambians through sustainable development which encourages them to find their own strength.
Learning to do business themselves, I see as the best way to make a better future.

Throughout my career as electricien, youthworker and as teacher I’ve always been very passionate about empowering and vocalizing youth. Using this experience, I see a lot of powerful possibilities between and among young people in the Gambia. Every one will benefit and grow by co-operating and learning from each other.

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Nic van der Riet
+316 36263997