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In Gambia and Sierra Leone we believe that sustainable development is crucial for creating a better future for everyone in Gambia and Sierra Leone. We are committed to promoting this through a number of different initiatives.

Aftermovie: ANNUAL YOUTH MEETING 2023 in Gambia.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower young Gambians and Sierra Leoneans by promoting education, entrepreneurship, initiative and responsibility. We believe that these elements are essential for sustainable development and for lifting people out of poverty. By promoting these values, we hope to make a tangible difference in the lives of young people in The Gambia and Sierra Leone, and to create a brighter future for the country as a whole.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development means that people from Gambia and Sierra Leone, with a focus on young people, take the lead and full responsibility for their future. By supporting them with education and entrepreneurship, we can encourage them to grow. By sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge, they can learn from each other. Doing and working together makes life better and easier for everyone.

In addition, we believe that sustainable living, caring for the environment, and being aware of climate change are crucial. We also address this topic in our annual youth gathering.

Our Developments

Our farm in Sifoe

An organic education farm, ran by 3 young Gambians:

Soto Jobe: farmmanager and Gambia College Agri contact,

Salieu Jammeh: farmworker and sales,

Samsideen Jeng: boardmember and policy developer.

We learn and work for agri entrepeneurship. Students of Agri College are working here for their internship. 

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Farm in Kafuta, 4ha organic production

Run and managed by Ismaila Camara. Goals: an economic independent farm for Ismaila, his family and his workers. By net profit a part will be used for support young Gambians for (vocational) education.

Support for education

25 young Gambians are been supported for education. They got diploma's in several professions. Most of them have a job. 25 others are still being supported, till they get a diploma. All of them will be coached towards a job or (small) business.

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Youth meeting about Empowerment and Climate Change

Every year in Nov, started in 2021 we organise a youth meeting in Gambia about Empowerment, Climate Change and awareness about environment. In 2021 attending 60 people, in 2022 attend 90 young Gambians and there families. This will be continued.

Bakary Danjo

My name is Bakary Danjo. I’m from the Gambia in a small village called Sare Bakary village. I lost my mother when I was very young and also my older brother who went to Italy via the Mediterranean in search of a better life for the family, but unfortunately he died this year in Italy suddenly. Life has not been a good experience since then and very hard for me and the entire family. I live with my father, his second wife and my little brother Alieu.

My father is a farmer and we cultivate crops like maiza, coos, groundnut and milet yearly durieng the rainy season. The harvest is not always good as a result of drought, pest or lack of fertilizers to enrich the soil. My old father has given me the chance to work towards achieving goals which is to become a professional player rather then forcing me to work on the farm. With the Foundation Progress Gambia who supports young people to achieve a better future, life can be better even now. My hard working continues as its always my dream to become a professional player one day. My other dream was always to study public health at the University level.

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Selu Jallow

Hello, my name is Sellu Jallow. Am 18 years old and I come from Basse Santa Su in the Gambia where my family still lives. Unfortunately, my father died some years ago and also two of my elder brothers died when they tried to reach Europe through the Mediterranean. So now only my mum is living in Basse with my youngest brother Ali Jallow.

Playing football is my career, I decided it at my early school age. My mum has a small shop in Basse and I use to help her sometimes. She prepares some food to sell it at the shop also. My mum struggled every day to make sure I will achieve my dreams to become a professional footballer in my life.

I'm very grateful for the new Foundation Progress Gambia that will support young people to achieve a better future. I had a lot of support already past years. I'l be playing second division next season and hope to get to the Football Academy to develop my skills and have more education also. Alhamdoulilah am still working hard every day to achieve my dreams, to become a professional footballer in my life.

Gambia & Sierra Leone Yiriwakafo

A short introduction

In Gambia and Sierra Leone, we believe that sustainable development is crucial for creating a better future for everyone in the country. We are committed to promoting this through a number of different initiatives.

Creating economic opportunities

A little more about us

Through its initiatives, we are working to create economic opportunities, protect the environment, and empower women and girls. By focusing on these key areas, Gambia Yiriwakafo aims to create a more just and sustainable society for everyone in The Gambia.

Want to support us on our mission?

If you share our belief that sustainable development is crucial for creating a better future for everyone in Gambia, we invite you to support us on our mission.